Tracy McGrady Says Dwight Howard Should Remain in Orlando

Former Magic guard Tracy McGrady believes Dwight Howard should remain in Orlando with the Magic. McGrady told FOX Sports Florida Wednesday, “If I were him, I would stay. Where’s he going to go? Why do you want to go to New Jersey, go to Brooklyn? Look at their team.”

McGrady continued:

I think it’s up to him to recruit guys who can come to Orlando. It’s a great city. It’s great weather. You already have been there eight years. You’re established there. With him, he’s one of those guys that should try to stay with one team and try to make it better there. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. So you already have something good there. Why try to go somewhere that you just never know?

McGrady went on to say that he left Orlando because the talent wasn’t there, citing that as the difference between why he left and why Howard wants to leave.

I really don’t think anything McGrady says should be taken seriously, just look at what he had to say about Howard in December on Howard playing in Chicago: “You’re going to have other endorsements because you’re playing in a big-ass city like Chicago, and because you’re [bleeping] Dwight Howard. Hell yes, championship. Championship. There’s no doubt about it.”

So it looks like T-Mac has made a complete 180 degree turn in his opinion, saying Howard should play with Derrick Rose in Chicago in Decemeber, and now saying he should stay. Then T-Mac said this around the same time: “I’ve been watching Orlando play, and I think they let it go too far – to where they can’t compete for a championship. Dwight’s going to find a sweeter spot for him next year with him being a free agent, with D-Will being a free agent, and Dallas already having an established star there. … Yup, Dallas.”

There you have it, Dwight. Go play in Chicago, then play in Dallas, but then come back to Orlando and sign here long-term. I mean if T-Mac suggested it, you have to take his advice.

It should be noted McGrady is averaging 5.9 points, 3 rebounds, and 2.3 assists a game for the Atlanta Hawks this season.

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