Tampa Bay Rays Pitcher David Price Leaves Game with Neck Spasms, Caused by Drying off Head too Vigorously

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price may have just locked up the ‘Oddest Injury’ award of the season, before it has even started. Price left Thursday’s exhibition game with neck spasms, caused by drying his head off with a towel. Yes, you read that correctly.

Via the Tampa Bay Times:

Price said the reason he had the neck spasm that forced him to leave the game was that he toweled himself off too vigorously between innings.

“I was just drying my head off in between innings,” he said. “It’s happened to me two times before. The towel just catches the back of my head and it pulls my neck forward. I just felt it a little bit in back of my neck and just wanted to be cautious with it. … It’s spasms, there’s a little pop and it just spasms up and gets a little tight.”

Price said he should okay in two-three days and doesn’t expect it to impact his next start.

He was scheduled for three innings today.

He had similar issues last spring, and in September last season and pitched through it.

“I’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight and I should be all right tomorrow,” he said. “I pull it over my head and I pull it forward and I guess it just catches like the back of my head. I don’t know.”

I’m not a Rays fan, so this is just funny to me if anything. However, if this happened to Josh Johnson of the Marlins (my team), I might have to take a trip down to Miami to tell him to get his act together.

I say Price takes the rest of spring training not to work on his pitching, but work on his drying off mechanics.

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