Nike NFL Jerseys to be Unveiled Next Month

Nike announced on Thursday the date in which they will unveil the new NFL jerseys. On April 3, the Nike era will take over in the NFL as Nike will begin their five-year deal as the provider of on-field apparel.

From what I’ve gathered from around the web, many experts aren’t thrilled with Nike making the jerseys because of the questionable moves they’ve made in college football. Some of the classic jerseys will remain the same, such as the Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, and Indianapolis Colts. Most teams will see a slight change in their jersey, but should remain mostly the same. Any drastic changes would mean that teams’ brand image would also change.

Some predictions I’ve seen that Nike will integrate into the new uniforms are the “Flywire” stabilization technology, which is seen along the neck line of the uniform.

Another possible change could be seen on the helmets. Nike offers a couple of different options on how helmets look:

The matte finish look

Garishly Glossy

Pattern Heavy

I’m excited about the upcoming changes, I think those Oregon jerseys are so dope. The matte finish look is my favorite helmet type, I would love to see that brought to a few NFL uniforms. I’m excited for the changes the Jaguars are bringing to the team, changing to black jerseys as the default color, moving away from teal. Nike could have a field day with an all black jersey, see Oregon above.

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