Orlando Predators Will Donate $25,000 to Dwight Howard Foundation If He Resigns With Magic

The Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League are the latest group to jump into the Dwight Howard picture. Brett Bouchy, the managing partner for the Predators, sent out a tweet on Monday afternoon stating the team would donate $25,000 to the Dwight Howard foundation if he resigns with the Magic.

Via Fox Sports Florida:

Dwight means a lot to the Central Florida community, and the Predators want to do their part to help convince him to stay with the Magic,” Predators managing partner Brett Bouchy said in a statement. “We’re hoping that other Central Florida companies and organizations will also get behind this effort to keep Dwight where he belongs.”

Howard’s D12 Foundation, which was founded in 2010, works with children in Central Florida by helping to support several non-profit organizations around Orlando. On Feb. 14, Howard hosted an event for 300 children from the Parramore Kidz Zone, leading Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer to proclaim the day D12 Foundation Day.

Make no mistake about it, if Dwight Howard leaves, the effects go all the way back to the Predators. The team has even launched a Facebook page to encourage fans to make pledges in an attempt to raise more money for his foundation and keep Howard in Orlando. To play devil’s advocate in this situation, if Dwight wanted $25,000 more for his charity he could write the check himself, he can definitely afford it.

However, if you’re Dwight Howard, this is just another thing showing him how much the city of Orlando wants to keep him in town.

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More on the Dwight Situation:

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