[UPDATED] Otis Smith Will ‘Aggressively’ Pursue Steve Nash

As All-Star weekend draws to a close, trade rumors will almost certainly start growing. Real GM columnist, Jarrod Rudolph, tweeted Sunday afternoon that Magic GM Otis Smith will “aggressively” pursue Suns point guard Steve Nash.

It’s unclear who the Magic would give up in this potential trade. My guess is that this trade would be one that would try to persuade Dwight Howard to stay. I’m not exactly sure who all would be available to trade, as Nash is coming up on the final few years of his career. However, knowing Otis Smith, he’ll probably offer too much. I would like to see the team hang on to Ryan Anderson, his strong season is building his case to be Howard’s replacement should he leave.

It’s kind of interesting Nash came up in these rumors because he loves his situation in Phoenix, at least Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld thinks so. In Kyler’s weekly NBA Rumors Chat on February 16, he wrote:

The league will be returning to regular operating hours this week, as the second half of the season begins. Between now and the trade deadline (March 15), rumors will greatly increase. My advice is pay attention to the source, avoiding the likes of one, David Pingalore.

[UPDATE Monday February 27 8:47 p.m.]

Another source has backed up Rudolph’s tweets. Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld has also heard the Magic will pursue Nash, even adding this move was instigated by Dwight Howard.

Bleacher Report seems to think that the asking price for Nash would have to include Jameer Nelson and Ryan Anderson and some draft picks.

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