Someone is Claiming They Bought the Miami Marlins for $10 Million at an Auction

The Miami Marlins have a lot on their plate right now — new players, uniforms, stadium, and a lawsuit. The Marlins are being sued by someone who claims that they bought the team for $10 million at an auction. While I know the Marlins are consistently last in attendance, and share the common perception of not paying their players, I can almost guarantee the team is worth more than $10 million.

In the lawsuit, obtained via Sport in Law, the plaintiff, Omeranz & Landsma Corp., states:

“On February 8, 2008, the Major League Baseball’s Florida Marlins baseball organization held their fourth annual awards banquet at the Diplomat Country Club & Spa in Hallandale, FL .. A major component of the banquet was an auction, which was open and advertised to the public .. The auction was conducted as an absolute auction. The auctioneer was David Samson, the Marlins president .. David Samson commenced the auction by offering for sale, the Florida Marlins baseball organization and opened the bidding to anyone who would bid $10,000,000 .. “

My next question, who would take on such a case that’s so idiotic? I think that’s the biggest shocker of this story, an actual law firm decided to take this case. During the process in which they reviewed the case, someone thought it would be possible to purchase a Major League Baseball team for $10 million. Makes sense to me.

Calls to the law firm were not answered. If you’re wondering about reviews on this firm, the only two reviews for them on were both positive, and both from the founding members of the firm.

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