Adele, Foo Fighters, Kanye West Win Big: Jeanius Review: 54th Grammy Review (Running Diary)

So the Grammy’s were on tonight, and while the show wasn’t that great, Adele, The Foo Fighters and Kanye West were the big winners, winning six, five, and four awards respectively. Adele swept the “Big Three,” as well as the Pop category. The Foo Fighters swept the Rock Category, as well as Best Long Form Music Video, for “Back and Forth, while Kanye West won all four awards in the rap category. Check out my thoughts on the show with my running diary.
  • Ummmmmm, I’m really disappointed that they didn’t start the night, with a Whitney Houston tribute, I think it would have set the tone for the show
  • Not sure how LL will do as a host,  I like comedians as host for award shows
  • The prayer for Whitney was a nice touch, with a clip of her performing at the Grammy’s!
  • I hate when people perform songs that we don’t know at award shows, NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR THAT… Give us your hits
  • This doesn’t need to be said, but Lady Gaga is so weird….
  • Adele’s got old lady swag…. I can’t believe she’s only 22
  • Have I mentioned, that I hate when artists perform unfamiliar songs at award shows…. Lip syncing is so lame, I don’t care how much jumping around and dancing you’re doing  **coughs** Chris Brown
  •  I tried not to be biased and pick Kanye to win all of the award in the Rap category, but he swept it anyway! #Winning
  • Damn, Kelly Clarkson has had a great two weeks. National Anthem at the Super Bowl and now this cool performance at The Grammy’s
  • Rihanna channeling her inner Tina Turner for her performance tonight, too bad she’s nowhere near as talented as Tina is
  • This Beach Boys tribute is cool, but why is it happening? I would have much rather see a “Moves Like Jagger,” performance
  • Nice performance by Sir Paul McCartney there
  • Just like I said, if this award was given out on TV, Chris Brown would win. Looks like his circle of redemption is complete
  • I hate these random ass I’m a presenter, but I’m going to perform real quick performances. They annoy me
  • After that win, there is now no doubt in my mind that Adele is going to sweep “The Big 4” tonight
  • I’m sorry, but Katy Perry doesn’t do anything for me as a performer, she sucks
  • It’s crazy to think that just a few months ago it was thought that Adele’s career was over. Her doctors did an amazing job in such a short time. She doesn’t sound like someone who just had vocal surgery a few months ago. (She still looks like she’s about 35 to me)
  • What’s with all these random ass tributes on tonight’s show?
  • I called Best New Artist, and I’m sure my boy Yeezy is happy about this as he was featured prominently on his album
  • LOL at the people who thought J. Cole or Nicki Minaj were going to win Best New Artist, guess you didn’t learn your lesson last year
  • Not only did he, Bon Iver,  win Best Alternative Album he was also featured heavily on the Best Rap Album, Kanye West’s, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
  • Jennifer Hudson did an AMAZING job on the Whitney tribute, but I wish they had more artists perform more of her hits
  • Aye, my dude D Guetta, I’m glad to see Chris Brown actually singing this time. for those wondering this song is called “I Can Only Imagine,” on, Nothing but the Beat, ft. Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.
  • That dance music tribute was pretty cool, but again what’s with all the tributes tonight?
  • Who’s bright idea was it to give Nicki Minaj a slot to perform on the Grammy’s? What the hell was that?
  • “Need You Now,” is my JAM! #dontjudgeme, Lady Antebellum is here to present another award to Adele
  • I love when people win awards and are genuienly appreciative of them. Adele’s acceptance speech, LOL at her snot comment, that was out of left field and pretty gross to be honest.
  • Wait, the show is over? I thought we were going to get a Lady Gaga performance to kick off and end the show and we got neither…

Overall this show was kind of disappointing to me, I always look forward to the Grammy’s and they kind of disappoint. I know they had less than 24 hours to try and put the Whitney tribute together, but with all that talent in the town for the show they could have easily had more artist do some Whitney classics. Check out Jennifer Hudson’s Performance:

It’s pretty sad that one of the best performance came from someone, Adele, who less than six months ago had surgery on their vocal chords, and this was her first performance. I said this on Twitter and I’ll say it here, while Adele was the runaway choice for Album of the Year, last years choice, Kanye West’s ‘Twisted Fantasy,’ was released after the cutoff for the the 2011 Grammy Awards, and he would have been the only nominee that would have made me any where near second-guess that Adele would win. So in a way the show was too predictable. I could have done without two Chris Brown, and Paul McCartney performances each, I wanted more Whitney! There was nothing about this show other than the two things that I mentioned that were very noteworthy, to me,which isn’t what you want for the biggest night in your industry. Congrats to Adele who was the big winner, and being the first artist to sweep the Big 3, Record, Album, Song and Record of the Year) since The Dixie Chicks in 2007.

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