Jeanius of the Week: Man Kills Two People, Because They Unfriended His 30-Year-Old Daughter on Facebook

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

It’s about that time here on the site, where we take a look at what some dumbass has done, this week we’re going to Tennessee. A man, Marvin Potter, is being charged with murdering a couple, because they unfriended his 30-year-old daughter on Facebook.

The couple, Billy Pain Jr and Billie Jean Hayworth, unfriended Potter’s 30-year-old daughter on Facebook, because she was harassing the couple, on the popular social networking site. At some point between 5:30am and 11am on January 31st, Marvin entered the couple’s home where he allegedly shot Billy in the bedroom, then shot Billie Jean in their 8-month-old-daughter’s room. When their neighbor made the discovery, their 8-month-old daughter was found in Billie Jean’s arms. Other than the fact that two people lost their lives over Facebook, the daughter being found in Jean’s arms is the saddest part of the story. Check out the mugshot, (the man on the left), was apparently romantically linked to Potter’s daughter Jenelle.

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