Dwight Howard Has Informed Lakers He Will Not Resign With Them

You can cross the Los Angeles Lakers off of the possible Dwight Howard landing spots. Kobe Bryant recently did some talking to Howard and Dwight’s refusal to resign with LA stems directly from what Bryant had to say. Find out what he told Howard after the jump!

Like every other story related to Dwight Howard, all this information is “according to sources,” let’s just hope they’re not Ping’s sources.

According to Jarrod Randolph of RealGM:

Bryant told Howard that he wanted him to come to Los Angeles and help him win two more championships, but not as an understudy. He wanted Howard to be the team’s third option behind himself and Pau Gasol, according to a source. Bryant tried to sell Howard on being his “Tyson Chandler” and made it clear that Los Angeles would be his, but only once Bryant decided he was done playing.

Howard stated that there was “no way” he would give up everything he has in Orlando to go to the Lakers and be the third option, a source close to the situation said. Howard certainly wouldn’t mind being a third piece on a star-studded team, similar to the situations in Miami and Boston. However, he was turned off by Bryant’s presentation as it suggested something totally different.

Randolph goes on to say that New Jersey and Orlando are the only realistic teams Howard would sign a long-term deal with. So it looks like Bryant just cost the Lakers their long-term goal of bringing in Howard. I never liked the LA offer because of the uncertainty of Andrew Bynum’s injury issues. It’s funny how Bryant says that Howard will be the third option behind him and Gasol, when it would likely take trading Gasol to the Magic for that deal to have life.

You can view the entire article here.

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