Jeanius Of The Week: Two Atlanta Teens Break Into CNN Building To Check Facebook

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

So some people take this whole Facebook/social media stuff to a whole new level. Two Atlanta teenagers were arrested for breaking into the CNN building to check their Facebook.

The two teens, Aldayne Fearon, 18, and Francis Mutemwa, 17, drove to the Omni Hotel, which is next door to the CNN building, and jumped over a fence to gain access to the building. They then went to the fifth floor and when they were arrested, at 3:30 a.m., they were both logged into Facebook. The two were arrested on criminal trespassing charges, and drove to the hotel in Mutemwa’s red Mercedes, which was towed from the scene after their arrest.

Jeanius Thoughts:

Ok, so first of all if I broke into the CNN building, checking Facebook would be the last thing on my mind, I’d be trying to get me some airtime LOL. Also if you’re 17 years old and drive a Mercedes chances are that you have a smart phone which can easily access Facebook from, so why do they need to break into CNN to check their Facebook pages. Kids these days are getting dumber and dumber, this country is in trouble. Check out these fools mugshots:

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