Allen Iverson to Lose $860,000 in Wage Garnishments


‘Retirement’ isn’t going so well for Allen Iverson. The former 76ers guard is about to lose a lot of money. A judge has signed off on an order that will see Iverson lose nearly $860,000 in wage Garnishments. Find out what caused the judge to sign off on the garnishment order after the jump.

Back in 2010 Iverson was sued by Aydin & Company Jewelers for not paying up on a $375,000 bill. Iverson ignored the lawsuit and it finally has caught up to him.

A default judgment was awarded to A&C in the amount of $859,896, which includes attorney fees, court costs, interest, and the jewelry.

This is just another example of athletes making a lot of money and blowing it on stupid things. According to, Iverson has made over $150 million in his career. He’s made $150 million and can’t afford a $375,000 jewelry bill? A bill that’s now $860,000? I have very little sympathy for people like that. Hopefully dude can still feed himself.

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