[VIDEO] Tiesto’s ‘In The Booth’ Episode 1

The DJ is the 2012 version of the rockstar, with Tiesto and David Guetta at the helm of that. Tiesto has started a 10 part web series titled, ‘In the Booth,’ in the series he will give viewers an inside look at his life on the road. He also talks about dance music becoming so popular now in the United States.

This is what Tiesto told the New York Times:

“It’s to give people an idea of what’s going on in the life of a DJ. Everyone knows about pop stars and artists and such, but not many people know about DJs. So I thought it’s nice to give my view of what’s going on backstage.”

In the first episode, Tiesto is all over the globe playing shows, including his record-breaking show in Los Angeles, which was the biggest single DJ concert in United States. Check out ‘In the Booth.’

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