The LA Clippers Have Apparently Been Added To Dwight Howard’s “Wishlist”

Dwight Howard’s wish list of teams he would sign an extension with, if traded to, has allegedly increased by one. Sources are saying he is watching the “other team in Los Angeles,” very closely

He’s been watching them a lot. He’s intrigued by the Clippers,”

Said the source who is apparently close to the various trade scenarios with the three teams, Lakers, Nets, and Mavericks, that Dwight’s agent is allowed to talk trades with. They say the most likely scenario of this happening would be via sign-and-trade in the off season. The same sources are reporting that Dwight isn’t too keen on joining the Nets this season, and not making the playoffs. The wildcard in this whole scenario is the Dallas Mavericks, who shed a lot of cap space hoping to lure Dwight and Deron Williams, who is from the Dallas area, to Dallas to play along with Dirk to form their own “Big Three,” then eventually when Dirk ends his career, the team would move forward with D12 and D. Will.

Jeanius Thoughts:

At this point it is pretty obvious that the Magic are not going to keep Dwight so just get it over with, every week there is a new rumor about where Dwight is going. Yet, I’ve never heard of any rumors as to what the Magic will do to keep him here. Just get it over with so we can move on. I am also hearing that Magic owner Rich DeVos, whose name I didn’t have to lookup due to the frequent stories about where Dwight will or won’t go, might not sign off on a Howard-Bynum swap because he thinks it will effect the Magic’s chances of winning now. While we have a decent record, I can’t see the team we have now winning it all. So I say put him out there for the highest bidder, even if it is a team willing to rent him out for the year, so we can stop hearing about this. At this point I’d take Bynum’s potential and bad knees just to get this whole thing over with.

What do you think Magic fans? Should we just dump Dwight or play out the rest of the season with him and hope, even though it’s not going to happen, that he has a change of heart and stays with the team? VOTE in out poll & hit the comments!

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