Jeanius of the Week: Man Wrecks Lamborghini Just Hours After Winning It

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

A Utah man blames a patch of ice for crashing his brand new Lambo just six hours after taking possession of it. The Utah truck driver won the $380,000 car from a contest by a convenience store chain.

The driver lost control of the car and ran off the road and went through a fence into a field, suffering severe body damage. Dave Dopp, the driver, had this to say on the accident:

We were coming up on a hill on the south end of Santaquin, came around a corner, and I wasn’t even going that fast. A car was coming towards us. I’m sure I wasn’t going fast or anything. We just hit a patch of black ice and ended up in a field.

The director of public safety for the small Utah town, Dennis Howard, said he didn’t think Dopp was used to the 700 horsepower. The car was sent off to Las Vegas for repairs. When Dopp gets the car back, he plans on selling it. He said, “I’m a father of six children. It’s a great blessing to have it and experience it, but I’m looking at selling it and buying a more practical car for a family and pay off some bills.”

It’s hard to believe a man with experience as a truck driver wrecked another vehicle due to inexperience. It’s just kind of funny he gets lucky enough to win the car, but then turns around six hours later and wrecks it.

Take note from Dave, when you win a $380,000 car, be sure to drive careful with it. But you have extensive driving experience you say? Apparently experience goes right out the window.

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