Jeanius Of The Week: Woman Violates Probation, Arrested For Sending Mass Text To Ex

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

So it looks like New Year’s Eve was a good day for people to do stupid $#!+. A Minnesota woman spent two days in jail, and could possibly face more jail time for sending a mass Happy New Year’s text to a man who had a restraining order on her.

The two were once a couple and had a falling out over a house the two owned together, which caused him to get the restraining order on her. On New Year’s Day she sent out a mass “Happy New Year,” text to all the contacts in her cell phone, including the same ex with the restraining order placed on her. The next morning she had police pounding on her door and she spent the first two days of 2012, in jail. She is due back in court on January 12, and could face fines, and possibly more jail time.

Jeanius Thoughts:

This is the bitchassness in the highest form, really? You trying to tell me this dude got a restraining order over a fight over a house. Then to call the cops on her for a text message, that’s nuts. Unless this chick is that nuts, although she does seem pretty damn normal in the news video. Anyway, congrats Jennifer Bartsch you are the second Jeanius of 2012.

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