Man Arrested at Lake Eola for Choking Swan

Billy Madison

The headline is no joke, a man was really arrested for choking a swan at Lake Eola. Normally with stories I summarize and paraphrase because the posts are lengthy, but Fox 35 did no such thing. Here’s the full story from Fox 35 in Orlando:

 A man is behind bars after police say he roughed up a swan.

John Wynne is accused of grabbing a swan by the neck from Lake Eola. Orlando Police arrested him for animal cruelty and grand theft. He is being held in the Orange County Jail on $1,000.00 bond.

That’s it, that’s all they included. After searching for the story and finding nothing else, Fox 35 is apparently the only news outlet to pick this up.

I mean I would like to know why he choked a swan because no one just wakes up in the morning thinking, “Today is the day I’m finally going to choke a swan.” When I think of swans I do think of Lake Eola, but I also think of this scene from Billy Madison:

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