Jeanius Of The Week: Quentin Richardson of the Orlando Magic

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

I originally had someone else slated for this slot, until my boy Kelvin sent me this story, it was a no-brainier. Q, which is Quentin’s nickname, had an ankle injury, and decided to try and treat the injury himself.

This is a quote from Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy:

Quentin has something akin to a chemical burn on his foot from trying to self-treat an injured ankle. Quentin apparently used Icy Hot, then dipped his foot in cold water,

Jeanius Thoughts:

Really? So you’re just going to try and self medicate yourself, the training staff wasn’t doing a good enough job. I can appreciate wanting to get back out there, and doing your job, but this kind of stuff doesn’t make any sense. I am pretty sure a simple search on either Google or YouTube would have given him some sort of idea as to what was going to happen. I actually saw Q. Rich this past Friday night, downtown, he wasn’t limping, and I didn’t bring up the incident LOL. Congrats Q, you are the Jeanius of the Week, well deserved friend.

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