[UPDATED] Dwight Howard No Longer Wants to Be Traded?

“Chris Paul to be traded to Orlando on draft night. Dwight Howard has all but signed a contract extension with Orlando. Orlando will be trading, using trade exception this week (June ’11). Magic will play Houston in 2011/12 Home Season Opener. It’s highly likely the UCF Knights get an invitation to the Big East (June ’10). Dwight Howard is rethinking trade request.” These are all actual headlines by Local 6 Sports Director David Pingalore and all mostly wrong. The latest was reported late Saturday night that Dwight Howard is rethinking his trade request. 

Magic fans might remember that on draft night in 2010, “Ping” reported that Chris Paul will be traded to the Orlando Magic. As I take a quick glance at the teams’ roster, there is no Chris Paul playing for the team (0/1). It’s funny to note that Magic GM Otis Smith said at the time that Ping “has no sources.” Back in October, Ping reported that a contract extension for Dwight Howard “has been all but signed.” In an interview with Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel, Otis Smith confirms nothing has changed in Dwight’s situation (0/2). In June of 2011 Ping, yet again, reported on the Magic that “something might be brewing this week, trade exception might be in play.” A look at ESPN’s Orlando Magic Transaction page for 2011, reveals no trade in said time frame (0/3).

Here’s where Ping gets accurate, kind of. He always begins his stories, or whoever writes them, wanting everyone to know that he is breaking these stories. He broke it that the Magic will begin their 2011/12 Home schedule by playing the Houston Rockets, which did happen, but the Magic were already schedule to play them on Dec. 26th. Finally, while not relating to the Magic in any way, he reported the UCF Knights would be invited to the Big East Conference back in June of 2010. He was a bit early, as UCF wouldn’t accept an invitation until last month. I’d like to thank special correspondent, Jordan Montoya (@AIRjordanORL), for his help on this post.

Now fast forward to 2012, Ping is at it again. He reported late Saturday night that Dwight Howard is rethinking his trade request. Pingalore’s sources are saying that there is now an “80 percent chance” that Dwight stays in Orlando. He has also learned that the Magic are now trying to trade for New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams, as Dwight has been heavily recruiting him to play in Orlando.

That’s quite a report he has there. I tweeted Ping earlier asking if his source is Jermaine Dupri. You might remember that Dupri tweeted earlier this week that a deal to send Dwight to the Nets will be “finalized within 48 hours.” Ping has yet to respond to my question.

I started this story off with all of Ping’s misreports to build a case that he has been inaccurate before. I want to emphasize that all of his reports should be taken with a grain of salt, or as Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Bianchi says, “the entire salt shaker.” I really want this report to be true like every other Magic fan, but at this time I don’t make anything of this. It’s clear, however, that the Magic need to do something. After watching the Bulls game Friday night, it’s evident to me that the Magic won’t be seriously challenging the Heat or Bulls for the East Championship. Apparently I’m the only one who thinks this, but that’s fine. As time goes on we’ll see how the team progresses (or regresses) and we’ll see if Ping can finally prove himself on a huge Magic story.

[UPDATED] Sunday, 7:08pm

Sam Amick, writer for SI.com and NBAConfidential.com, has reported that nothing has changed in Dwight Howard’s situation. He asked Dwight Howard from the locker room before the Kings game tonight (0/4).

Sam Amick’s Tweet

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