Radio Host Gets Very Unmanly Tebow Tattoo

Tim Tebow

A Denver radio host apparently lost a bet and had to get a tattoo as part of the deal. The host made an on-air bet with a caller that if the Broncos won 8 games he would get a Tim Tebow tattoo, the team was 2-4 at the time. Well the Broncos finished 8-8 and the host made good on his bet.

Me personally, I’m 100% against tattoos of portraits, names, or numbers, so I’m not a fan of this tattoo at all. Even if it is dedicated to Tim Tebow.

Not only am I not a fan of portraits, names, and numbers — I also think wings on a man is uncool. Nothing about this tattoo is cool and definitely think this radio host got hosed on this deal. However, I’m a firm believer in everything is done for a reason, and this host knew what he was doing. He knew this tattoo would draw attention to his show, as he is wearing a radio station shirt during the tattoo session.

The tattoo artist was the one who designed this, you know he got a big kick out of it.

The idea has caught the attention of Tebow himself, in an interview Tebow said:

I just think you need to think about it, pray about it, [and] come up with something good, because it’s going to be on you for a while.

Apparently he didn’t take Tebow’s advice, I’m pretty sure there are better ideas out there.


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