Professional Sports Team to Put Players’ Twitter Handles on Jerseys

Philadelphia Wings

The Philadelphia Wings of the National Lacrosse League will be the first professional sports team to put the players’ Twitter handles on jerseys, instead of the usual last name. The jerseys will be worn for the team’s game against the Buffalo Bandits on February 12th.

The team will replace the usual last names with the Twitter handles to draw attention towards the team’s social media accounts. The team is mandating that all players on the team create and maintain Twitter accounts and will provide training sessions for players who need them. The jerseys will be auctioned after the game with proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society.


In my opinion Lacrosse is exciting to watch, but for whatever reason I’ve never really got into it. It could be lacrosse isn’t as big in the south as it is in the north.

It’ll be interesting to see if any of the big four professional leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB) do something like this. NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, said this back when then named Chad Johnson changed his name to Chad Ochocinco:

He’s legally changed his name, so we’re willing to recognize that. There’s what I call a more administrative issue that has to be dealt with. There’s a large inventory of jerseys that are out there with 85 Johnson. Any player that changes a number or changes his name has to address that so that our licensing is not stuck with a large inventory. That’s just something we’re dealing with. As far as we’re concerned, if he changes his name legally, that’s fine with us.

Could you imagine if the NFL did run with this idea? I’d personally like to see Jaguars backup running back DuJuan Harris’ Twitter name (@Ol_sLy_Foxx) on the back of a jersey.

The Wings open their season January 14th.


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