[PHOTO] Fan Gets Tattoo of Bills WR Stevie Johnson On Arm

Stevie Johnson

Apparently the cool thing to do these days is get a tattoo you’ll regret in a couple of years. This one comes from a fan of Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson. Johnson tweeted the picture of the fan on Tuesday:

Fan Tattoo

The tattoo itself is actually pretty good, a lot better than some of these “cool” tattoos going around. If you’re not familiar with Johnson, he stole Joker’s line from The Dark Knight and uses it quite frequently. He has used the line on Twitter, handwritten on a shirt under his jersey on game day, and has actually had this very haircut.

Johnson has apparently met this fan and had a chance to see the tat’ in person. So my question is after he gets dropped from the Bills for his shenanigans, what is this fan going to do? Johnson is most-known for his would be game-winning touchdown catch versus the Steelers last season in overtime. He has also been fined for very entertaining touchdown celebration by imitating Plaxico Burress versus the Jets. More recently Johnson was benched and fined for his latest touchdown last Sunday versus the Patriots.

Latest Touchdown

I’m not sure what to think of the kid, on the one hand he’s dropping important passes left and right (also dropped what would have been a game-winning touchdown versus the Jets), but then he has exciting touchdown celebrations. I guess since he’s not a player on my team I can appreciate the drops and celebrations, but then again he is better than all the Jaguars wide receivers. He will be a free agent this upcoming off-season so it’ll be interesting to see if he continues the celebrations on another team.

Stevie Johnson imitating Jets ‘flight’ celebration + Plaxico shooting himself

Stevie Johnson’s Dropped Pass Versus Pittsburgh

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