[VIDEO] Running Fan on Lambeau Field Tackled By Packers Linebacker Brad Jones

Brad Jones and Fan

Adding more excitement to an already crazy game, this clown decides to run onto the field at Lambeau. The fan ran around for about 50 yards by my count, waving his hands around and going crazy. By the look of this picture Brad Jones gave him the business. What’s better is that a fan in the stands was able to capture a good quality video of the incident:

The big winners in this incident are the security staff members at Lambeau, they didn’t look foolish chasing around some idiot. Although the first guy who tried the tackle didn’t get much accomplished, but Jones came through and cleaned it up. If I had Jones on my Fantasy team I would have wanted another point for that sick tackle. Would you rather get tackled my a NFL linebacker or tazed? I might take the tazing.

Hopefully the No Fun League NFL doesn’t take any disciplinary action against Jones. The Green Bay Press Gazette is reporting the fan was a 15-year-old kid.

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