Jeanius of the Week: Carjackers Attempt to Steal Car, Can’t Drive Stick

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

It sounds like anyone with a standard transmission faces a less likely hood of having their car stolen, at least in St. Petersburg, FL.

Earlier this month a man and his girlfriend were leaving work in their car when two men walked up with a handgun and demanded they get out of their cars and give up their money and cellphones. Police said the men took the money and phones, got in the car to attempt to drive off, but couldn’t because they didn’t know how to drive a stick shift. The men tried to figure it out mid-robbery, but got frustrated when they couldn’t drive and eventually took off with their phones.

The story ends with this:

It’s unclear if the crimes against the car’s transmission will be included in the list of potential charges.

I can’t figure out if that is serious or a joke. Regardless, these ratbags should have known they could have come across this problem. I guess that’s why they’re resorting to stealing cars, that’s all they’re good for .. Oh wait, no they can’t even do that. However, Jean and I appreciate this incident, it gives us more ammunition for our now twice-weekly post.

The MSNBC story says the men started the car, but couldn’t get very far because they couldn’t drive a stick. Well my question with their story is if they can’t drive stick how did they know how to start the car? You have to push in the clutch to start the car, so maybe they quickly Googled it? I don’t know.

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