First Annual Thoughts Of A Jeanius End of Year Awards

2011 was definitely an interesting year in music, so we here at Thoughts of a Jeanius will try to bring some of it back with our First Annual End of Year Awards. We encourage everyone to leave a comment and tell us your thoughts on our picks.

Artist of the Year:

Jean’s Pick: Katy Perry:

While Adele is most people’s pick since she had the highest selling and most critically acclaimed album of 2011, but Katy Perry made history: First as the artist who spent the longest time, over a year in the Top 10 of the Hot 100. Her album, Teenage Dream, was one of only 7 albums ever to have six singles reach the Top 10 on the Hot 100. That’s quite a year if you ask me.

Cody’s Pick: Adele

The girl flat out dominated the charts all year. Her album 21 was the year’s best-selling album and “Rolling in the Deep” was played everywhere. Rolling in the Deep charted on Billboard’s Rock songs, the song was played everywhere. While Katy Perry needed six singles to keep her album selling, Adele only needed two.

Song of the Year:

Jean’s Pick: Kanye West – “All of the Lights” (ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Fergie, Elton John. Alicia Keys):

While, Katy Perry needed six singles, her album was released in August of 2010. That’s unheard of for an album to have such longevity on the charts. Anyway let’s move into my Song of the Year. Last week I posted my top songs 9-2 of 2011, and this was left off the list for a reason, this is my song of the year. Honestly who recruits Elton John to say one line over and over, and has Alicia Keys doing adlibs. This song just sounds big. Against my better judgment I believe I will pick this for song of the year at the Grammy’s as a consolation prize for his Album of the Year snub.

Cody’s Pick: Adele – “Rolling in the Deep”

This song dominated all year and it deserves Song of the Year. They say the songs on the radio are a reflection of what fans want to hear, I guess it’s true as ‘Rolling’ was played on just about all radio formats.

Album of the Year:

Cody’s Pick: Watch the Throne

Kanye West and Jay-Z

This was the album everyone wanted to hear and finally got. Two of Rap’s best collaborating on the same album? Who wouldn’t want that? Although the album wasn’t the top-selling of the year, or even top-selling for Rap, it still features two of the best. The album has produced six singles, including the chart-topping “Ni**as in Paris.” I mean that song got a guy on a New York City Subway going HAM, it’s legit.

Jean’s Pick: David Guetta – Nothing but the Beat

OK, after you stop laughing let me plead my case……..

Now, this was the only award that I knew Cody’s pick before he picked it, and I knew there would be some overlapping. So I didn’t want too much, but I only purchased three CD’s this year and the two picked here, and Cole World. If I didn’t spend my money on something there’s no way I could say it was the best. This was a great party album, and coincidentally I like to party so it’s a match made in heaven. This CD spent the most time in rotation over anything else I listened to, that is until I lost the CD SMH.

Club Banger of the Year:

Jean’s Pick: LMFAO – “Party Rock Anthem”

This song makes me happy, and definitely gets the party started, this song was everything a club banger should be. Simple lyrics, so the drunk people can sing along, a hot beat, and hype artists. I almost picked “No Hands,” which won this award at the BET Hip Hop Awards, but this was a universal club banger, which banged in all types of clubs.

Cody’s Pick: Wale “Slight Work” feat. Big Sean

I went back and forth on this pick a couple different times. I wanted to pick something different than LMFAO, I feel everyone is picking that song. I could have gone with “Bait” by Wale, or even “Ni**as in Paris,” but ultimately went with this one. I think Big Sean’s verse put me over the top with this song. Wale even took a page from Jay-Z and Kanye’s book by playing this song twice at their concert here in Orlando.

Most Annoying Song of the Year:

Cody’s Pick: Rebecca Black “Friday”

As I stated in my Google Top Searches for 2011 post, the fact that this song topped that list blows my mind. I have only listened to this song once and it was for that post. I stopped the song midway through and couldn’t finish it. What has our society come to that this song is the most searched thing on the internet? Out of all the things to search for. Incredible!

Jean’s Pick: YC – “Racks” (ft. Future)

Awwwwww man, I completely forgot about this before I made my pick, that was an annoying song, but this one was pretty bad as well. Everything about this song was just terrible, you know what I don’t even want to talk about it anymore.

Collab of the Year:

Jean’s Pick: Jay Z & Kanye West – Watch the Throne

This was part of the reason why I didn’t feel too bad about not picking this for album of the year, because I chose the whole album for best collab of the year. This was a great CD, and I’m hoping we get Watch the Throne II as Jay Z said may happen in 2012, I’d enjoy that.

Shady 2.0 (Not Pictured: Crooked I): Yelawolf, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Eminem, Royce da 5'9"

Cody’s Pick: Shady 2.0 BET Cypher (Eminem, Slaughterhouse, and Yelawolf), Honorable Mention: Common & Nas

The group kills any track they’re on, including the BET Cypher. As Will Ferrell says, “It’s not even fair, it’s like fishing with dynamite.” Some notable songs from 2011 featuring the group: 2.0 Boys, Loud Noises, Hard White (Remix), and most recently the Funkmaster Flex Freestyle.

Honorable mention to Common and Nas for their collab on “Ghetto Dreams” which is on Common’s The Dreamer, The Believer. Word on the street is the two will be getting together for an entire album, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. If that album sounds like Ghetto Dreams, we could be looking at a classic.

Rookie of the Year:

Cody’s Pick: Kendrick Lamar, Honorable Mention: Yelawolf

2011 was a good year for Kendrick Lamar: He was featured on XXL Magazine’s 2011 Freshman Cover, released the Section.80 album, appeared on Game’s The R.E.D. Album and Drake’s Take Care. He was also crowned the new King of West Coast Rap by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and the Game. There has been talks that a new mixtape from Kendrick featuring J. Cole is in the works, so keep an eye out for that. Cole produced Kendrick’s single off Section.80, “HiiiPower.”

Honorable mention to Yelawolf, who was also featured on the Freshman Cover. Yela signed to Shady Records in 2011 and released his first album under Shady, Radioactive. Yela also appeared on songs with Travis Barker, CyHi Da Prynce, Game, Ace Hood, and other songs with Slaughterhouse.

Jean’s Pick: J. Cole

While those guys had pretty big years, J. Cole was the Rookie of the Year hands down, his first album sold over 200,000 copies, a lot of established artists wish they could put up those types of numbers. Add a Best New Artist Grammy nomination, and an alleged sextape with Rihanna, what more can a guy ask for LOL.

The Best You Never Heard:

Jean’s Pick: David Guetta “Raise Your Hands” (ft. Miguel)

I posted this song on the site back in April, I am not sure if this track was in the running to make Guetta’s, Nothing But The Beat, album, but when the track listing and album came out it was nowhere to be found. I think this song would have fit better than the or Akon track that did make the album, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Cody’s Pick: Limp Bizkit x Raekwon – “Combat Jazz”

This song was on the Japanese Deluxe Edition of Limp Bizkit’s latest album, Gold Cobra. I say this is the best you’ve never heard of because Bizkit’s long-awaited album sold only 27,000 copies first week, not to mention it was on the Japanese Deluxe Edition.

Jeanius of the Year:

Cody’s Pick: Sam Hurd

Frank Lucas checks into the year-end awards with his drug-related arrest earlier this month. Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd was arrested on charges with “intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine.” Hurd wanted to distribute 5-10 kilos of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week. Hurd was later fired by his part-time job on the Bears and now faces up to 40 years in prison. Hurd can only hope Russell Crowe will be waiting for him 40 years from now when he gets released from prison.

Jean’s Pick: Isiah Cutler:

I was going to pick Sam Hurd, but at the last minute we had a new Jeanius pop up. Isiah Cutler, was the 18 year old kid who burglarized a store with his under-aged friends then posted pictures of them with the stolen money and merchandise on Facebook. Get the full story here.

Mixtape of Year:

Lupe Fiasco

Cody’s Pick: Lupe Fiasco Friend of the People

After releasing a very disappointing album in Lasers, Lupe came back strong on his long-awaited mixtape. He received some negative feedback with his choice of dubstep-type beats, but the lyrical content was second to none. As a Lupe fan it’s very encouraging to hear this heading into his next album, Food & Liquor II.

Jean’s Pick: C-n-I – Reason 4 My Dreams:

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t listen to a lot of mixtapes I rather pick and choose individual songs that jump out at me, or if I hear a lot about a certain song I’ll download it. And you can call me biased, but I don’t give a #@&%, (Yelawolf voice), a lot of people don’t know who C-n-I are, but I am their manager. This mixtape has been in the works all year, and I saw it go from nothing to something, it was finished before the summer and I listened to it this morning straight through. I’m proud of what they did. And what kind of manager would I be if I didn’t pick them.

Producer of the Year:

Cody’s Pick: Kanye West

Some might say this is a ‘safe pick’ but after doing some research, I really feel Kanye did it best this year. ‘Ye helped produce 12 out of the 16 songs on Watch the Throne, my pick for Album of the Year, and produced songs for Pusha T, CyHi Da Prynce, Justin Bieber, Snoop, and Beyonce. It can be argued that Watch the Throne wouldn’t be what it is without Kanye. Other producers such as Hit-Boy (Ni**as in Paris), Just Blaze (Lord Knows by Drake), and Lex Luger could have easily been chosen as well.

Jean’s Pick: Noah “40” Shebib & T-Minus

Now, this one was pretty tough for me to choose, because I barely know who produces what anymore. Back in the day, when Timbaland and The Neptunes were the big producers out, they each had a distinctive style where you would hear it and instantly know who it was. I had to do some research and came across these two guys. Now me picking both isn’t a cop out as they worked together on some of the biggest hits of the year, including; “I’m On One,” and “Make Me Proud,” as well as producing “The Motto,” and “Moment For Life,” (T-Minus). As well as; “Headlines,” “Take Care,” and “Marvin’s Room.” (40). They also worked with Wale, Sade, and T Pain, even though I am not a big Young Money fan there is no denying these guys had a solid year.

Most Surprising Album of the Year:

Cody’s Pick: Lupe Fiasco, Lasers

This album actually gets Most Disappointing of the Year from me as well as most surprising. Even as the die hard Lupe fan that I am, I can still point out his worst album. The album’s negatives have been long-documented: Atlantic Records would only give him an album they wanted (mainstream). He produced it, but Lupe fans will maintain that he is an artist that thrives best under the spotlight. Lasers still produced a song that charted in Billboard’s Year-End Hot 100: #28 “The Show Goes On.” While this album was nowhere near The Cool (a near-classic IMO), it will be interesting to see if Food & Liquor II will be any better.

Jean’s Pick: Yelawolf, Radioactive

I wasn’t really expecting much from this album, I am trying to get into the habit of listening to new music, that i wouldn’t normally listen to instead of just staying in my comfort zone. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. I like personal music where you feel as thought you understand the artist after listening to it, and this album did that. Yelawolf is a redneck, who loves Hip Hop, I honestly can’t say that there was one song on the CD, that I really didn’t like that much. I will say though, that I was surprised by The Source‘s 4.5 out of 5 mics rating, the album was good, but I wouldn’t say 4.5 mics good, but it’s their magazine not mine. I would say more in the 3-3.5 area. Good work Mr. Yela.


Cody’s Pick: Yelawolf’s “Hard White” (Feat. T.I. and Slaughterhouse)

T.I. has made it no mystery that he is back and killing every verse he’s been on and Slaughterhouse is, well Slaughterhouse.

Jean’s Pick: Snoop Dogg – “Sweat” (David Guetta remix)

Other than “Hard White,” there weren’t a lot of remixes that jumped out at me this year, I’m sure I forgot some, but if they were that easily forgotten they don’t deserve the award. The original version of this song was terrible, like I couldn’t even listen to it. This version, which I actually heard first was one of my favorite songs on, Nothing But The Beat, weird how that happens. I am surprised that this didn’t get nominated for Remix of the Year for the Grammy’s so Guetta can’t defend his award that he was won at the previous two years at The Grammy’s. This is the terrible original version.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments for who should have been more deserving!

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