Tim Tebow Voted Most Desirable Celebrity Neighbor, See The Desirable And Worst Neighbors Of 2011 List.

Along with being praised for everything he is off the field, while his play on the field is still questioned on a weekly basis, Tim Tebow was the Most Desirable Celebrity Neighbor in Zillow’s annual survey. The cast of Jersey Shore, for the second year in a row were voted the Worst Neighbors of 2011.

This is the full list:

Most Desirable Neighbors for 2012 Worst Neighbors of 2011
Name Percent Name Percent
Tim Tebow 11 Jersey Shore Cast 28
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt 10 Charlie Sheen 21
Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux 9 Lindsay Lohan 14
Jennifer Lopez 6 Kim Kardashian 13
Beyoncé & Jay-Z 5 Nancy Grace 3
Nancy Grace 4 Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt 3
Kim Kardashian 4 Anthony Weiner 2
Other 11 Other 2
None of the above 42 None of the above 14

One of the first things that jump out at me on this list are the four people, three spots on the list, that made it on to both lists, Angelina and Brad, Nancy Grace, and Kim Kardashian. I can understand Nancy Grace being on both lists, she’s so nosy that nothing would ever happen to your house, but her nosiness would also get annoying after a while. I guess people wouldn’t want to deal with Brangelina’s 8 kids, not exactly sure about Kim K., though. The Jersey Shore crew being #1 on the Worst neighbors list makes sense, but I’d like to live near them, they’d have some pretty sweet parties, even though there’s never been a black person (even in the background) of the show.  What celebrities would you like to or not like to live near, and do you think this list is right? Hit the comments and let us know!

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