Details On The Orlando Magic Asking Price For Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard Superman Dunk

A few weeks ago it was being reported that the Magic were on the verge of trading superstar center Dwight Howard to the Nets in a three or possible four team deal. The deal would include the Magic getting veteran swing man Gerald Wallace (from the Trailblazers) and center Brook Lopez (from the Nets), while sending Dwight, Hedo Turkoglu, and Chris Duhon to the New Jersey Nets, and a draft pick to Portland. Later that day it was announced that they had taken Dwight off the trading block for the foreseeable future. ESPN’s Marc Stein’s sources has an update on what the Magic are looking for in a possible trade.

His sources are citing that the teams 85-year-old owner, Rich DeVos, is getting older and is not interested in rebuilding at this point. A trade for youth is not an option for the team, like it was for the NBA-owned New Orleans Hornets. He also said there was a trade discussed with Dwight’s hometown Atlanta Hawks, where they would send a package centered around Joe Johnson and Josh Smith to the Magic. Another option would be dependent on the Lakers finally being willing to part with Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, the deal would be similar to the deal the Lakers pulled off for CP3, which was eventually voided by the NBA. This deal would see Orlando land Laker Center Andrew Bynum, Rockets Forward/Center Luis Scola, and Rockets Shooting Guard Kevin Martin. A trade with the Lakers would also rid the team of Turkoglu’s contract, and possibly Duhon’s as well.

Jeanius Thoughts:

This is interesting, and if you are a Magic fan, good news that they aren’t rushing into a deal. A lot of people were saying that we should have traded Dwight away after he looked “uninterested” in THE FIRST PRE-SEASON GAME, against Miami, which is ludicrous considering it’s the preseason. The Magic have to wait until the last-minute to pull this deal off, in order to get the best deal like the Denver Nuggets did with Carmelo Anthony last season. Had Orlando not traded away Marcin Gortat last year it wouldn’t have been so imperative to get a Center in return, but since they did part with Gortat, getting size in a league which is big man deficient, is imperative.

The CP3 part two trade is kind of intriguing to me. While I’ve said I want nothing to do with Andrew Bynum’s “potential,”  getting back Bynum and Scola would give us some size, provided Bynum can stay healthy, and Glen don’t call me Big Baby Davis, could be formidable in the absence of Bynum. Kevin Martin’s career 18.5 points per game would be a good spark for the team at the 2 or the 3. I will keep an eye on Mr. Bynum when he returns from suspension, maybe he’ll change my mind, that is if he can stay healthy.

Magic fans, Nets fans, Laker fans, Hawks fans, what do you think of these possible trade scenarios? Hit the comments and vote in our poll:

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  1. It’s such a stupid idea for Orlando not to go with youth. They need to rebuild. Do they really think they can get enough in return for Howard to contend? They already had roster problems with Howard. If they trade him for veterans, they’re doomed to be first round fodder for a few years before they can actually rebuild. What terrible management.

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