Thoughts of a Jeanius Top 10 Rock Songs of 2011

Cage the Elephant

My music roots always went back to rock music, but this list of Top Rock Songs for 2011 was a bit difficult to come up with. I’ve been keeping up more with Hip-Hop/Rap music this year and lost track of rock songs. I went to Facebook and Twitter for suggestions, as well as my iPod and came up with this list of the 10 Best Rock Songs of 2011 — according to  me. (Note: The songs selected for this list were either released on albums or as singles in 2011 or received the majority of their exposure in 2011)

10. Darkest Days – “Porn Star Dancing” (Feat. Zakk Wylde, Chad Kroeger, and Ludacris)

9. Chevelle – “Face to the Floor”

8. Foo Fighters – “Rope” 

This song got top honors for the year by Billboard. I like this song, but wasn’t my top song of the year.

7. Five Finger Death Punch – “Under and Over It”

While Five Finger remains very popular in the rock community, they’re not high on my list, but I still enjoy this song enough to include it on my Year-End chart.

6. Rise Against – “Help is On the Way”

I don’t think there is any Rise Against song that I don’t like, great band.

5. All That Remains – “The Last Time”

4. Staind – “Not Again”

The lead singer of Staind, Aaron Lewis, is nearly 40, but it’s hard to tell hearing him sing. While Staind wasn’t one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen, they definitely haven’t shown any signs of slowing down after just releasing their seventh album.

3. Avenged Sevenfold – “Buried Alive”

I almost let my biased opinion on Avenged Sevenfold get the best of me and place Buried Alive at Number 1, but I dropped it down to third. Due to no music video for this song I grabbed the best live video I could find, great song to hear live (song starts around :40).

2. Seether – “Country Song”

Almost got top honors from me, but they’ll have to settle for second. I think Seether is one of those bands that everyone likes and doesn’t get any hate from rock music fans. I could be wrong.

1. Cage the Elephant – “Shake Me Down”

Hands down, best song of the year. Billboard almost agreed, placing this song in second on their Rock Year-End Chart.

Love this list? Hate this list? Hit the comments and let us know! Be sure to tune in to Thoughts of a Jeanius later this week as Jean and I unveil our Year-End Awards (Artist, Song, Album of the Year, etc.)

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  1. Killer List! All good picks. Check out this one when you get a minute. It was just released on Nov. 9th.


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