Jeanius of the Week: Kid Arrested For Posting Pictures Of Stuff Stolen Goods On Facebook

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

18 year old Isiah Cutler, and his “thug,” and under-aged friends decided to steal more than $8,000 in cash, plus cigarettes, candy, and checks from a local convince store, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. What they did after, so dumb, was enough to make him the Jeanius of the Week.

After these guys burglarized the business these idiots decided to post pictures of the stuff they stole on his Facebook page. His friends since they were all minors; 17, and two 14 year olds, they have since been released to their parents. While Cutler has a hearing on Wednesday facing theft, burglary, and cinspiracy charges. Some people get all the brains, congrats Isiah you definitely earned the title of Jeanius of the Week. Since his friends are minors, I’ll spare them, but come on who does that make sense to..

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Source: Huffington Post


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