Jeanius Top 5 (+4): 10-2 Singles Of 2011

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

So it’s the end of the year, and everyone is doing their top lists, so I have decided to do my Jeanius 5 (+4) singles of 2011. I will countdown 10-2, because later this week Cody and I will be back with our Year End Awards, and that’s where I’ll announce my Song of the Year.

Let’s get this party started with our close call:

LMFAO – “Party Rock Anthem”

I said this in my first Jeanius Top 5, all that need to be said

This song just makes me happy it clearly doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and sometimes with music that’s all it needs.

#10. J. Cole – “Workout”

Breakout year for J. Cole, number 1 album, and a Grammy nomination for one of the dopest rappers in the game!

#9. Katy Perry – “E.T.” (ft. Kanye West)

This song got started getting people out of hate Kanye mode, works for me. Katy Perry had a huge year breaking all kinds of awards on Billboard.

#8. Rihanna – “We Found Love”

Everytime I hear this song, I think of DJ Envy and Charlamagne (the God) on the Breakfast Club, breaking it down while Angela Yee was trying to deliver the Rumor Report. Great song.

#7. Kelly Rowland – “Motivation” (ft. Lil Wayne)

I was very happy to see Kelly Rowland FINALLY gain some solo notoriety, this was a great song. Single-wise this sing was better than anything Beyonce came out with this year, and while it’s not fair to compare her to Beyonce, it will always happen. So that’s a win for Kelly!

#6. Maroon 5 – “Moves Like Jagger” (ft. Christina Aguliera)

When I first heard this song, during my reviews of The Voice, in which Adam Levine (of Maroon 5), and Christina were judges I didn’t like it. It wasn’t until it started getting radio airplay that my view on it chaged. I look forward to seeing what the other ‘Voice,’ can cook up with future collabs.

#5. David Guetta –  “Without You” (ft. Usher)

Every year I have a song that I play out to the max, this was that song. When I first bought David Guetta’s Nothing But the Beat album, this was the standout song to me and was head and shoulders above the rest. I knew this song would be a hit, and I was right as it was Guetta’s most popular single, of his own, “I Gotta Feeling,” not included. Check out  the review here.

#4. Jay Z & Kanye West – “Ni**as in Paris”

This song is so dope that they play it multiple times on the Watch the Throne tour, and each time the crowd eats it up. They set a new record last week in LA performing the song 10 times, up from the 9 they performed it the night before. Craziness! It’s understandable though as this is one of the dopest records out in a while.

#3. Miguel – “Sure Thing”

Most people, myself included, thought Miguel would have been a one hit wonder, with “All I Want,” (ft. J. Cole), but he clearly proved everyone wrong. This was a big year for Miguel, as he won the Soul Train Award for Best New Artist, and this song ranked #1 on Billboard‘s End of the Year Chart for Hip Hop/R&B Songs.  Surprisingly he wasn’t awarded a Grammy nomination, another example of why the Grammy’s are out of touch. Hopefully this number 3 spot helps soften the blow LOL.

#2. Adele – “Rolling in the Deep”

Adele without a doubt had the biggest year of any artist of 2011, best selling album of the year, top single of the year on Billboard, and she seemed to top every end of the year list. (except this one). I can’t think of one person who doesn’t like this song. She has an amazing voice, although she won’t age well at all, she’s only 22 but looks like she’s at least in her mid thirties. Hopefully she recovers well from her vocal problems, which forced her to cancel her U.S. tour, because a lot of people would be very sad if they don’t have new Adele in their lives.

There you have it the Jeanius Top 5 (+4) singles of the year, I’ll be back later in the week w/ Cody with the Year End Awards where we’ll post the Song of the Year and our other awards for 2011, subscribe to the site (Top right above the Facebook plug-in) to keep up to date with new posts on the site!

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