Jeanius Thoughts: On Kanye West Grammy Snub (W/ Video Response)

It’s definitely not a normal thing to hear people say that the artist nominated for more Grammy Awards than any other artist has been snubbed, but this is exactly what happened after the Grammy Award Nomination Concert two weeks ago. That artist, is Kanye West, who is nominated for seven awards on “music’s biggest night,”  but he is only nominated for one of the “big three,” awards in early February. Now I will preface this by saying that Kanye West is my favorite artist, but that has nothing to do with the argument, as this is the overwhelming sentiment of many respected members of the music industry. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, was the most critically acclaimed album of 2010. it was named the #1 album of the year, by Time and Rolling Stone magazines, two very diverse, but well respected publications. After the nominees for Album of the Year were Billboard sent out this tweet: Billboard weren’t the only ones who thought Kanye should have been nominated, as MTV and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, also had articles wondering about the snub. Twitter also blew up as #MyBeautifulDarkTwistedFantasy & #MBDTF were trending worldwide, for those of you unfamiliar with Twitter. Trending topics are the most talked about people or events that people are tweeting about worldwide, which is updated in real time. I looked at quite a few of those tweets, and most of them were outrage.

My biggest problem with the Kanye not being nominated has to do with one of the nominees, let’s take a look at the nominees:

  • 21 – Adele
  • Wasting Light – Foo Fighters
  • Born This Way – Lady Gaga
  • Doo-Wops & Hooligans – Bruno Mars
  • Loud – Rihanna

Now I expected Gaga and Adele to get nominated for this award, I don’t listen to the Foo Fighters so I can’t speak on them, I own Bruno Mars’ album, and can definitely say that it is not better than ‘Twisted Fantasy,’ but Rihanna? Really? Loud? Is this a joke? It has to be a joke right? Nope they’re really serious, now I will preface this by saying that I have NOT, listened to this CD, although I intend to to see what all the hype is about, but this is a joke. The Grammy’s lost a lot of credibility to me, when they nominated Soulja Boy and The Shop Boyz for awards IN THE SAME YEAR, this has just knocked them back even further. Had it been Taylor Swift or even Beyonce in that slot  still would have been upset, but would have been a bit more understanding on the situation. I won’t be like most and say that Rihanna is talentless, but on a musical level nothing she can do comes close to Kanye’s music. Speaking of Kanye I will say that I am very proud of the way he handled the situation, which is a first:


For those of you who don’t watch the video, he basically takes the blame for being snubbed by saying that he should have spaced out ‘Twisted Fantasy,” and “Watch the Throne,” as he felt as though each album took votes from the other. It’s interesting that he says this, as it was announced that he and Jay Z will possibly release three albums between the three of them in 2012. I’m glad I held off on this post, as I went on a profanity laced tirade, Twitter rampage as I call them, about the situation so I’m glad I was able to cool my jets as they say. What do you think? Was Kanye snubbed or did the Grammy’s get it right? Hit the comments and let me know!

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