Dwight Howard Has Officially Requested A Trade

Dwight Howard has finally said what every Magic fan feared — trade me. Deadspin The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Dwight Howard has told Magic GM Otis Smith that he would like to be traded — to the Nets. This may begin the end of my ‘listening to Jay-Z career.’

So the reports are true, Dwight meeting New Jersey ownership in Miami Thursday night. Late Friday night Otis Smith gave Howard’s agent permission to talk trades with the Dallas Mavericks, L.A. Lakers, and the New Jersey Nets. According to the Sentinel, Dwight wants to play in New Jersey. Hey, he can probably get discounts on all Jay-Z merchandise now (Jay-Z is a minority owner of the team for those not in the know, paying a reported $4.5 million for his share).

At least the Magic will trade him to a team that will end up being our direct competition in the East. It’s looking good to be a Nets fan now days, this move should encourage Deron Williams to sign that extension.

It sucks to be the Magic right now, such a lose-lose situation. The team can’t trade him to any other teams because he may not sign an extension with them in the summer. I think the biggest mistake Otis Smith made is revealing Dwight’s preferred destination. If we keep Dwight, the season will be a lost one. Sixty-six post-game press conferences, sixty-six different times Dwight will be asked what his decision will be, if the Magic keep him. His play would likely suffer, the teams play as a whole would suffer, and he would get booed out of the stadium every night. The time has come to trade Dwight Howard.

We told you Nov. 30th that the Nets were prepared to offer Brook Lopez and two first-round draft picks in exchange for Dwight and Hedo Turkoglu. On the surface that offer sounds bad, then when you really sit down to dissect it, it’s still bad. It’s time for Otis to get creative, which we’ve all seen how well that works out, and include a third team in a deal and get something better. The critics will say, “Something is better than nothing right?” Something is better than nothing, but the team should be thinking that at the trade deadline, not now. Now is the time to strike for the best deal possible. After all this is the best center in the league we’re talking about.

Should Otis take Dwight’s request and send him to Jersey? They might actually be the best team to work with, but I’ll leave that for Otis to decide. Once the Chris Paul-to-LA trade is complete, the Lakers figure to be out of the running. So that leaves the Mavericks and Nets and who knows if Dwight will resign with Dallas.

I’m not too sure on the idea of taking draft picks in any potential trade, mainly because the team has the green light to spend money. The Magic would spend Albert Pujols type of money if they could. Draft picks will be a sign that the team is rebuilding for the future. The trade will really make the team’s intentions moving forward known. I think I’d rather have Andrew Bynum come in from LA and take a chance on him, rather than getting draft picks as compensation.

To me the impact of Dwight leaving won’t be as bad as when LeBron left Cleveland, team wise. The Cavaliers were awful last year, the Magic won’t be that bad. Orlando will be a 7th, 8th seed type of team, fighting to make the playoffs. I’m really interested in seeing how these two rookies do this season, it’s a good opportunity for them to step up and make a name for themselves.

It’s finally time to see what Otis has been thinking about in this situation. The Dwight Howard leaving Orlando talk isn’t new, I’ve stated before that he’s as good as gone. The only thing we can do now as fans is cheer for him when he returns to town. Could it be as early as Dec. 29th when the Nets come to town? For all you business-minded people, go out and buy tickets to that game, you could turn a huge profit. The Nets at Magic game could have just gotten a lot more interesting. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be wearing my Dwight jersey everywhere to get the last remaining value out of it. I might sleep in it.


As this post was being published, news broke that the team is on the verge of resigning Jason Richardson. Early reports are saying the deal is worth $25 million over four years.

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