Throwback Thursday – Sublime “April 29, 1992”

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

I understand that this post will kill my credibility within the rock community but I decided to continue on with it anyway.

My Throwback pick for today is “April 29, 1992” by Sublime. This song was released on the epic self titled album, Sublime. This album features the classics What I Got, Wrong Way, and Santeria to name a few.

Here’s where my credibility within the rock community gets shattered, this April song is the only Sublime song that I like. I honestly can’t stand listening to anything else Sublime and apparently I am the only one who feels this way. As much as I hate the rest of their songs, I still can appreciate them. I think I hate them because they were/are so overplayed on the radio and when I’m forced to listen to something I will start to dislike it.

Like I said, I still can appreciate their music. They have reunited the band with lead singer Rome Ramirez who sounds almost identical to the original lead singer. The new band is finding success as their debut album, under the name Sublime with Rome, peaked at #9 on the Billboard 200.

Check out the only Sublime song that I like!

Sublime – “April 29, 1992”

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