Jeanius Of The Week: Man Tries Rob An MMA Fighter

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

This week’s Jeanius of the Week, is Chicago man, and convicted felon by the name of Anthony Miranda, must have been a case of wrong place wrong time for this would be mugger.

Miranda, walked over to a parked car Friday night in Chicago and asked for a lighter, when the man in the car, who’s identity was not released, said he didn’t have one, Miranda pulled a gun on him and asked for some money, which he got, then told him to step out the car. When he got out the car, the victim, if that’s what you want to call him wrestled with Miranda, at this time Miranda accidentally shot himself in the ankle. The MMA fighter held Miranda down until the police showed up, and when they arrived this is what they saw:

LOL, two black eyes, a face full of scars, a gunshot wound in the ankle, and jail time. He is being held on $350,000 bond, and this scumbag is worthy of the title of Jeanius of the Week, it’s well deserved jackass :-)! I hope the name of the MMA fighter is released, so he can get praise for handling his business!

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