Jeanius Top 5: Best David Guetta Songs

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David Guetta was ahead of the curve on this new Electo-Hop that artists like Pitbull and Flo Rida have embraced, and taken their careers to international levels. When people said that electronic music would never be popular in the United States, he believed, and it has paid off big time. Many people don’t know this, but David Guetta started out as a hip hop DJ, and ever since he stared he wanted to fuse the two genres of music, and he has definitely accomplished that in a great way. Of all of the electro DJ’s/Producers who fuse with Hip Hop; Diplo, Tiesto, and Afrojack, to name a few, Guetta is not only my favorite, but the most successful, in my opinion, which is why I have chosen to list his Top 5 songs!

Honorary Mention:

“One Love,” (ft. Estelle) in all honesty this song could have easily landed at #1, when the One Love album came out, in the summer of 2009, this was my most played song on the CD, but one of the songs from Nothing But the Beat, convinced me to drop this song out of the Top 5. Also from the Nothing But the Beat, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne were featured on a song called, “I Can Only Imagine,” nothing spectacular, but a cool song nonetheless.

Top 5:

#5 “Night of Your Life” (ft. Jennifer Husdon)

This song is from Guetta’s latest, Nothing But The Beat, and features Jennifer Hudson’s amazing vocals. I think that might be the reason this song is this high on the list, because she sounds great on this song, many times when artists branch out to different styles of music they sound out of place, but she sounds natural on this track. The song is basically about getting a commitment from a dude in order for him to have “the night of his life.” The future Mrs. Otunga sounds flawless on the song, too bad she has horrible taste in men, hey Jen I’m single 🙂

#4 “When Love Takes Over” (ft. Kelly Rowland)

This was the song that made me begin to take notice of Guetta, I first read about this song on Billboard, after I was introduced to his music through he Poplife album. This was around the same time I was really being introduced to this type of music, so having an artist I was familiar with helped make it easier to get into. So this was the song that got me toward wanting to hear more from Guetta, and got me excited for his One Love, album. This song led to Kelly working more with Guetta, which lead to “Commander,” which lead to Kelly getting another solo record deal. So Guetta is reviving careers out here, let’s see what he can do with 50 Cent, as the two are currently working on together 50’s new project together.

#3 “Without You” (ft. Usher)

One of my favorite terms, which I got from my favorite ESPN analyst, Skip Bayless, is prisoner of the moment. Which he uses whenever someone talks about how much better something current is over some that’s been tested. With that being said I could have gone prisoner of the moment here, and almost said that this was Guetta’s best song, since it is his biggest hit, and one of my favorite current songs. And the song, while great, can’t be put it at the top of the list just yet. Let’s see how I feel about it in a year or two, or even a few months. This song sounds like classic Usher over a beat that isn’t too house, which allows for people who don’t like that type of music to enjoy this song.

#2 “Love Is Gone” (ft. Chris Willis)

This was the song that started it all, when I first heard this song, I thought David Guetta was the guy singing the song, only to later find out that he was a DJ/Producer. After listening to and downloading this song, it got me interested in Guetta’s music, so I downloaded his Poplife album, and while I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t say it turned me into a fan, as it wasn’t until hearing that a lot of my favorite artists were working with Guetta on his One Love which was when I really became interested in listening to more of his music. The Guetta/Chris Willis combination, cranked out some quality songs, which is why I was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t featured on the Nothing but the Beat album.

And the #1 spot goes to: Drum-roll please

#1 “Memories” (ft. Kid Cudi)

While a lot of the songs from the One Love album, have stayed in heavy rotation for the past two and a half years, this is definitely (obviously) my favorite. I think the reason I like it so much is it reminds me of most of my nights, so it adds that personal touch. Kid Cudi is one of my favorite artists, and David Guetta is my favorite house DJ/Producer so that is clearly a recipe for success. It’s also cool to see Cudi featured on an upbeat song, which is different from his normal style!

What are your favorite David Guetta songs? Hit the comments & let me know!

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  1. No offense, but this list is all types of wrong. ive been a fan of david guetta for the last 10 years. you fail to mention any of the songs that made him into a worldwide star. he was one of the most famous djs in the world prior to becoming the mainstream star he was here in the united states. he was considered for many years the best house dj in the world. his music has taken a serious dip over the last couple years preferring to belting out massive commercial songs rather than creating the magic he used to. what should have been included on this list are some of his historic collaborations with chris willis. i would suggest you listen to his earlier albums to really get a grasp of how amazing he used to be.

    to name a few:

    money-> models. booty shaking. visualize.
    distortion-> this song was such a club killer. and a great song to listen to with headphones.
    stay-> this is just the perfect song for a beach party with the sun coming up
    time -> love the chorus, the whole feel of the song
    higher-> strings, vocals, throw this on getting ready for the club
    just a little more love-> this is david guetta at his best.
    people come people go -> classic guetta.
    you are the music-> ibiza.
    you-> i could see a b-boys destroying this

    some more of his songs that

    love dont let me go-> there were many great versions of this song, but the best by far was the remix with the egg
    everytime we touch-> his collab with arguably the most massive force in house music right now with the swedish house mafia
    baby when the lights -> magnificent
    the world is mine ft jd davis-> our class song for graduation. this song is beautiful

    all of these songs could easily be in the top 5. its unfortunate that this list doesnt include a single one. its like having a top 5 list for the nba and leaving out jordan, magic, and kareem. not respecting the past. we can agree to disagree, but i could fuck with memories being a top 5 contender though. it was a perfect fuse. cant wait to see how the aoki track will finally sound like.

    • As I said, the first song I was introduced to was “Love is Gone,” so I haven’t gone back and listened to everything. I will definitely check out those songs you suggested. I might have to make a new list! Appreciate you check out the site!!

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