Madonna Announced For Halftime Of Super Bowl XLVI, This Is A BAD Idea Find Out Why

While everyone has their Super Bowl predictions, nothing is set in stone other than the location, Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Now the halftime show is also set, pop legend Madonna has been selected to perform at half time of the big game.

Surprisingly this is the first time Madonna is performing at the Super Bowl, I assume they considered her to be too controversial back in the day, and now in her older age is considered safe for the Super Bowl audience. This is just another example of how out of the touch the powers that be are with the NFL audience. You’re trying to tell me in a sport where being in your mid thirties is considered old this is the best you could do. I understand that Madonna has longevity, and you can’t take that away from her, but I’d say that a lot of football fans aren’t interested in seeing her perform at halftime.

They need to have performers who are relevant now, there are plenty of artists who could have been chosen. What about David Guetta, he’s worked with a gang of “safe,” artist and would put on a great show with a lot of surprise performers. He would also raise the international eyeballs on a game that is typically American. How about this great idea, with “The Voice,” premiering directly after the Super Bowl, how about having the judges of that show: Cee-Lo, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguliera, and Adam Levine (Maroon 5), do the halftime show. That would be a big time lead in to the show, and would pretty much make everyone happy as they would cover the diverse musical tastes of football fans. Madonna hasn’t had a hit, a mild one at that, since “4 Minutes,” in 2008, which featured Justin Timberlake, who won’t be anywhere near the halftime show of the Super Bowl. Sorry NFL, but you dropped the ball again, I will be not be watching the halftime show next year. Who do YOU think should have been, the half time show for the game? Hit the comments and let me know!

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