Thoughts of a Jeanius: New Music Tuesday

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

It’s time for some new music, last week Cody and I both went down south to Atlanta, this week I’m taking it up north to a formerly high ranking crew looking to make a comeback.

Mean Jean’s Pick: 

It seems like the Ruff Ryders are trying to make one last comeback, they have a new song featuring the whole crew, including Drag-On who seems to have come out of hiding. This might be their last stand, besides Swizz Beats marrying Alicia Keys, most of them haven’t done anything relevant since the 90s, which as a HUGE DMX fan from back in the day pains me to say. It’s not classic RR, but I’ll take it….. For now

DMX ft. The LOX, Swizz Beats, Drag-On, & Murda Mook – “World’s Greatest”

Download “World’s Greatest”

Thee Cody Taylor’s Pick:

It’s hard not to pick a song featuring T.I. anymore, so I’m picking B.o.B.’s “Boom Bap” featuring T.I. and Mos Def. I was just chatting with a friend saying T.I. has been murdering every track since his release. I’m not a huge B.o.B. fan, but he comes through spitting nicely. Including his verse on this song, Mos Def has been in the studio as of late, saying that Black Star will be returning with a new mixtape. As for this song, I liked his verse the most. This song comes off of B.o.B.’s new mixtape “Epic: Every Play is Crucial.” Epic should be worth a listen as it also features Lil Wayne, Eminem, Roscoe Dash, and Trae The Truth to name a few.

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