Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Forced Off of Twitter

Melissa Kellerman

Remember the poor Cowboys cheerleader who was tackled by tight end Jason Witten during Thursday’s game vs. the Dolphins? No? Let me remind you.

During the play Witten appears to intentionally reach his arm out to grab the cheerleader, Melissa Kellerman, to help break his fall.

It is being reported by CNBC’s Darren Rovell that the Cowboys have forced the cheerleader to delete her Twitter account after posting two messages regarding the incident.

It’s well-known that being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader is one of the most sought after cheerleading jobs in all of sports. The team even allows the cheerleading tryouts to be televised on CMT, so the process to become a cheerleader is very competitive. According to CMT, the tryouts are a four month long process that grades the girls in the following categories: athleticism, dance, football knowledge, and personality. So the cheerleaders have credibility to be out there, so it’s kind of surprising the Cowboys made the girl delete her Twitter account.

It’s not like these cheerleaders need any more fame, the cheerleaders often get invitations to perform all over the world each year. Rather than forcing the cheerleader off of Twitter, the Cowboys could have kept this a positive event all around. Witten, after taking her down, did the nice thing and helped her back up, even the girl seemed to be all smiles (or winks) after getting taken down by the 6’6″, 265-pound tight end.

So now the franchise faces these questions as to why they made her delete her account. The Cowboys have not allowed any interviews with the cheerleader since the event. I mean they should just let this girl enjoy the extra added fame, she tripled her Twitter followers to put her over 1,000 following the event. For what it’s worth, Witten makes $199,412 per game, while Kellerman makes $150.

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