Jeanius of the Week: Trevor Jones

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

It’s that time of the week again, time to look at the biggest idiot of the week. This week we’re going to the deep south, Gwinnett County, GA . Where Mr. Trevor Jones did something so stupid it’s ridiculous.

So Trevor decided to burglarize a house, which is already dumb enough, the owner of the house came home and saw his car in the driveway, with the keys still in them. She took his keys and his wallet and left the house. After he left her house and realized his keys were gone, he swam across a lake and broke into someone else’s house where he proceeded to log into his Facebook account. As if that wasn’t bad enough HE FORGOT TO LOG OUT… So while he hasn’t been caught at this time it’s only a matter of time considering his wallet, car, and whole identity is out there. Congrats sir, this one was well deserved.

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