A Taylored Review: C-n-I ‘Reason 4 My Dreams’ Review

As big a music fan as I am, I’m not huge on the local music scene, so I wasn’t really looking forward to writing this review. Due to Jean managing C-n-I (Cool & Ignorant), he couldn’t give an unbiased review, so he asked me to review their mixtape Reasons 4 My Dreams.

I’ve had the mixtape on my iPod for about a month now and would listen occasionally only when it shuffled to a song. It was during the week of the Official release of the tape that I really started listening and dissecting it song by song. I liked this tape and what’s more, Chase and Ivan are only high school students. My Official rating for this album is 2.5/5. I also gave Wale’s Ambition a final rating of 2.5 (my original rating was a 3/5). I think my only beef with the group is the name, and it’s just a minor beef. I feel the word ignorant brings a negative connotation. While it’s not my place to suggest a change, a good suggestion could be Chase & Ivan.

For a couple of 15 year olds in high school, they’ve made quite a debut. Thanks to Jean, they have DJ D-Strong from 106 and Park and 102 JAMZ introduce the listeners to the tape. They also recruited the likes of DJ Nasty, DJ Chino, and Mean Jean himself from 102 JAMZ to record short messages on the reasons for their dreams.

The content of the tape is what you’d expect from a couple guys in high school — Girls, money, having a good time, and taking over the world. My early favorite song off the tape is “Real Is.” During my first listen of the tape I noticed one of the guys sounds an awful like Talib Kweli. To me, when I hear Ivan on the tape, I hear Kweli from the Blackstar album with Mos Def.

Jean has been on board as C-n-I’s manager for a little over six months now and they have released a mixtape, performed a little, and had their first radio interview. C-n-I was featured on The Royale Hour on Knightcast (UCF student-run internet radio). It’s clear these two have big dreams and Jean agrees. Jean said, “It’s all about work ethic so I think they’ll go as far as they want to, as long as they’re willing to put in the work!” I think the sky is limit for the two, and can’t wait to hear future material as they continue to develop and mature more.

Download “Reasons 4 My Dreams”

C-N-I’s Official website can be found here.

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