Jeanius(s) of the Week: DeSean Jackson & Lupe Fiasco

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

Jean and I would like to send out an announcement to all celebrities and athletes alike: Please get together and plan your dumb moves together. We would like everyone to do at least one dumb act a week, not multiple dumb acts in a week, it’s just easier to write about it that way.

DeSean Jackson

With that being said, we are featuring two people for this weeks ‘Jeanius of the Week’ — DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles and Grammy-Award winning rapper Lupe Fiasco.

Let me start off with Mr. Jackson, who was suspended by head coach Andy Reid this past week and is apparently flat broke. Reid suspended Jackson for this past week’s game at Arizona for missing a special teams meeting on Saturday. A rep for Jackson said the wide receiver missed the meeting because he overslept. When asked directly about whether he missed the meeting because he overslept or because of his contract issues, Jackson wouldn’t answer. Jackson held out of training camp this season for 10 days because he wants a new contract, his current one pays him nearly $900,000 for this season.

I don’t think there’s any question about it, he missed this meeting because he is seeking a new contract. He wants more attention drawn to his contract issues, and he has certainly got it. I also don’t think there’s any question about it that he deserves a new contract. Although his numbers this season aren’t anywhere near last seasons, he still is the kind of player that can change an entire game around in one play, just ask the Giants.

Despite his contract issues, the man is flat broke. According to Howard Eskin of Sportsradio 94WIP in Philly, Jackson has serious money issues. He told Mike Florio of ProFootball Talk:

“From what I’m told, [Jackson] owes Drew Rosenhaus a lot of money. . . . We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is he broke? I don’t know how you define broke, but I know when he signs his new deal he will owe Drew Rosenhaus a lot of money.”

Eskin also said that Jackson is using Rosenhaus’ credit card to get by. Apparently players aren’t educated enough to know when to stop spending money. I don’t at all feel bad for this guy, with a base salary of $600,000 a season and adding his prorated signing bonus over the life of the contract, it brings the total amount per season right under $900,000. Jackson is in his fourth season, which means at the end of this season he will have accumulated at least $3.5 million before incentives.

If he is broke after four seasons making 3.5 mill, then he has bigger issues. Someone get this guy a financial advisor ASAP. It’s unclear what all Jackson needs to pay with the credit card, regardless it’s still sad. I’m hoping for his sake that he is broke in the sense that he can’t afford his Bentley payment, not broke as in he can’t afford food. I also hope for his sake that he gets paid soon, I mean everyone else on the Eagles roster got paid and they have just three wins.

Lupe Fiasco at the UCF Arena 10/22

Moving on to my favorite rapper, top five best rapper in the game mind you, Lupe Fiasco. The thing that I like about this story is that it isn’t plastered everywhere, at least right now anyways. I found out through the popular Lupe Fiasco blog, The LupEND Blog. Here’s what the blog site said:

Lupe was handcuffed at the LAX airport in LA today. According to our info’s he had a boomstick in his bag which is apparently illegal in CA. A TSA officer saw it and called the LAXPD. The arrest was only temporary though and Lupe is free again.

For those not in the know, a boomstick is a cool way to say shotgun I guess. What strikes me as funny in this quote, they said “which is apparently illegal in CA.” I’m going out on a limb here when I say this, but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to carry a gun on any plane, anywhere. Now just because Lupe is my favorite rapper, I can’t cut him any slack here. In a previous ‘Jeanius of the Week’ post, I destroyed Petey Pablo for attempting to board a plane with a gun, so I can’t let Lupe off any easier. I tried searching some more to find out why he was let go, but couldn’t find anything. I’d actually really like to know how he got off. Lupe took to Twitter upon his release:

Lupe Fiasco

This still won’t change my opinion on Lupe, musically. Take the music out of it and I just don’t know what he was thinking. As I said before, I just don’t know how you forget you have a gun in your bag while trying to board a plane, if that is what happened here. So, Lupe from one of your biggest fans, stop doing dumb things. I’d greatly appreciate it.

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