Justin Bieber Has Baby Mama Drama

Justin Bieber has had some pretty serious accusations laid against him by one of his fans, she’s saying that he is the father of her baby! Bieber will have to take a paternity test. The twenty-year old, Mariah Yeater, who has already filed a lawsuit against Bieb, has also give some details on the encounter.

This is the version of the story that I heard on this morning during Angela Yee’s Rumor Report on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club:

The woman claims that after going to a Justin Bieber concert in Los Angeles his security guard called her to the backstage area, where there were allegedly several other girls. Bieber chose her and they went to a different area backstage, then he allegedly told her that he was going to “F*@# the $#!$ out of her,” then proceeded to have unprotected sex with her, that she said lasted about 30 seconds, claiming he wanted to “feel everything his first time.” Interestingly enough the concert was in October and she gave birth 36 weeks (9 months) and two days later. Bieber’s people deny the claim (of course), but we’ll definitely see how this plays out over the next few months. Check out the picture of the young lady as well as the baby:

Wow, where do I begin, well I guess Bieber being featured on Drake’s fake track “F*@# You Till I Cry,” couldn’t be the worst thing for his image now would it. Granted I know this stuff happens to a lot of adult athletes and older artists, but if this story is true Justin Bieber risks alienating the parents of his fans. That is a big risk for any artist who’s core audience are young kids, if the details of the story more so than the fact that he might have a baby might turn some parents off, and who pays for the Justin Bieber tee shirts, concerts, and CD’s the parents. Now granted times are different now and the kids are listening to the same music that adults listen to, but a lot of parents might be put off by this story. We’ll see how it unfolds though, but maybe Bieber can start a career as a rapper. Speaking of which this story might be the transition to Bieber’s rap career LOL, check out his “Otis,” freestyle:

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