A Taylored Review: Wale’s “Ambition” + First Week Sales [Updated]

Ambition Album Cover

Wale, to me, has always been an artist where I must have all of his music. Whenever I see a new song or freestyle posted, I must download it. In fact, a lot of times when I download new music I have to preview songs to make sure it’s worth a download — Wale is one of those artists where no preview is needed, I know it will be great.

I follow Wale on Twitter and have followed him since he was at 300,000 followers — He is up to 1.2 million now. As I listened to Ambition I knew how much time and effort that he put into this project and I think that allowed me to appreciate it even more. For those that know about him you know that the dude is constantly working, as far as I’m concerned he coined the #NoDaysOff tag.

Wale’s debut album, “Attention Deficit,” sold 28,000 albums first week. You kind of get the feeling that he is bitter towards Interscope Records for the low sales, he attributes the slow start due to the album being under shipped. I remember when the album came out and you couldn’t find it anywhere, you can compare it to trying to go out and buy an iPhone 4S right now — isn’t happening.

The promotion for this album is second to none. Not only has Wale been everywhere promoting this, but all the members of the Maybach Music Group have been promoting it as well. Wale released five video blogs leading up to the release of the album, titled “#NODAYSOFF VLOG: WALE – THE MAKING OF ‘AMBITION.'” I’ve seen all the videos and they’re really cool, it brings you an all-access pass into the studio for the creation of this album. During one of the videos Wale goes on to say that he feels this is his best shot right now for a classic album. He says that if this album is a huge success and he breaks the bank on it, he might be too rich to put his heart out there on the next album. The flip side to that is if Ambition doesn’t do anything, it might make him resentful to the game. Wale says this is a make or break album.

Wale’s drive, ambition, desire, and passion for this album to be a classic is evident. In the final video of the “Making of Ambition” Wale keeps asking the question, “Why can’t young artists make a classic?” He feels the stereotype that comes with being young is that they’re incapable of making a classic .. Well he wants to change that.

Wale – The Making of “Ambition” V (The Finale)

This is just my second album review (first being the pathetic platinum selling Carter IV) so I really wanted to hit the nail on the head with my review. I have taken a full day of listening to this thing on repeat and I hereby stamp this album with a C- grade. I asked a friend of mine what he thought of it, and he gave it a 4/5. To give it a 4/5 would be saying it is along the same lines as “Watch the Throne” and “Coleworld,” which I don’t think it is. So if I were to rate it on this scale, I’d give it a 2.5/5.

The Good: The first thing that jumps off to me is the track with Kid Cudi. For those that don’t know Wale and Cudi were beefin’ right around this time last year. On Wale’s “Thank You” freestyle he rapped: “You must know I’m on my stuntin’ sh–, throwin’ around wallets like the dude Kid Cudi hit.” Cudi went on record in Complex Magazine as saying Wale is “wack” and he and Kanye “don’t f— with him musically.” Cudi also said that was a “simple-ass rhyme by a simple-ass rapper.” Since then the two have squashed the beef and got into the studio to make this song a highlight on the album. I think of the two Wale is the better rapper, while Cudi can make the better song, so the two on the song is a perfect match. Hopefully this won’t be the last song these two are paired on.

My favorite song off the album, and possibly an instant Top 10 Wale song, is “Slight Work” featuring Big Sean. This song should be played nationwide in every club right now. Wale raps:

B—-, I go hard, I’m ballin’, I’m globetrottin’ / And my flow art my n—a, I’m Mozart with it / I do this, I turn a straight prude b—- into a nudist.

The ‘I’m not a fan of’ Songs: Now as I’ve stated, this is my review and in my opinion, I wanted more of the rapping, fast-paced Wale. The album features Miguel, Lloyd, Ne-Yo, and Jeremih. When I think of those guys I think of the slower hip-hop, R&B-type of music, which I’m not a huge fan of. While these songs are top-tier quality, I just would have rather had more of the “Slight Work” type of songs. In fact, when I first heard “Lotus Flower Blomb” I didn’t really like it at first, however, the more I listened the more it grew on me.

If you’re looking for another club banger from this album, buy the deluxe edition and get that “Bait” song. This song has the potential to still be in the club two years from now. I’m not one of those rap fans that seek out the club bangers, but this is just one of those songs that will hype you up for anything.

Wale – “Bait”

I bought this album and strongly suggest everyone go out and do the same, when you buy it you’ll know you’re supporting one of the hardest working rappers in the game. At first review I gave it a 3.5/B+ grade, but after a few more spins I downgraded it to the 2.5/C- mentioned above. I like Attention Deficit better, I feel that album showcases Wale’s strengths. I haven’t seen sales projections for this album, but I’m willing to bet it will be more than 28,000. On a *Sidebar* I’d like to thank Wale for the shout out on “White Linen,” go listen to hear for yourself. He did rap on this song: “All-Star weekend floor seats by the coaches.” That makes me kind of sad as Orlando hosts the All-Star Game this year, which could get cancelled.

Wale brings the “Ambition Tour” to Orlando at the Beacham Friday, December 2nd along with Black Cobain. Tickets on sale here at the Beacham Website.

It sounds like, according to Wale’s Verified Twitter account, he moved 163,000 copies of Ambition in the first week.

Ambition's First Week Sales

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