Method Man Says Watch The Throne Should Have Been Jay Z & Nas Agree Or Disagree?

Kanye West and Jay Z kicked of their Watch the Throne tour this weekend in Atlanta, to mixed reviews depending on what you read. I saw some people say the other night that Saturday night seemed like a “practice run,” while others loved it, hopefully they get everything ironed out by November 14th in Ft. Lauderdale, but that’s not what this is about. A Hip Hop veteran, and legend depending on who you ask had this to say about the Watch the Throne album to Complex Magazine:

“I mean, Kanye’s a (Jeanius)—I love the dude—but Watch The Throne should have been Nas and Jay. Niggas would still be talking about that even if the album was wack. I’m not taking shit away from ‘Ye. Kanye and RZA should go in maybe. Maybe Kanye and Dr. Dre. But as far as emcees, Nas and Jay.

Method Man is the person who made these comments, which are interesting to say the least. The album, like the tour, has gotten mixed reviews, but I actually disagree with Meth on one thing definitely, I think the buzz would have been bigger/ lasted longer with Jay and ‘Ye. When it comes to music right now, Kanye West is more controversial and polarizing than Nas is, had Jay and Nas done an album together when Nas first signed to Def Jam there would have been a bigger buzz for them to do something together. Do you think Jay should have worked with Nas or do you think Throne was done right the way it was?

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