Jeanius Of The Week

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

People are dumb, or at least they do dumb things, my brother Kevin says that some people get all the brains, so I bring you this weeks Jeanius of the Week. The only source I have for this weeks Jeanius of the Week is The Big Lip Bandit, from the DJ Laz Morning Show on Miami’s Power 96. I was listening to the show on Wednesday morning when they did a segment called Black, White, Hispanic, or Other. On the segment they will say something dumb that someone did and a caller has to guess the race of the person. You will NEVER believe what this person did!

A D.C. man escaped from prison, a few days later his girlfriend had her trial for armed robbery so he decided to go with her to support her during her trial. As if THAT wasn’t bad enough, while the court was on break for lunch, he took too long coming back from lunch. So his girlfriend decided to have him paged back to the courtroom. The police recognizing the name waited for him to return to the courtroom and arrested him. I don’t know your name, but you my friend have been named the Jeanius of the Week… SMH

Oh yeah just in case you were wondering





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