Soulja Boy Arrested For Drug Possession

So former Jeanius of the Week, Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Cortez, must be looking to be the first ever two time Jeanius of the Week. He was pulled over this morning in Temple, GA, and he and four of his boys wound up in jail.

 He was pulled over for a traffic violation, and the cops allegedly found $70,000, in marijuana and cash. He is being held without bond so I’m assuming they are holding him for possession with intent to sell. Can this one be classified as karma for his comments against the military? Oh well we all know he’s a terrible rapper, this just helps solidify the fact that he is an idiot. When are all these rappers going to learn, you have to have a fall guy when you are doing these stupid things, if you have as much money as you say you do pay someone to do the  dirty work for you. Soulja Boy better hope someone does something really stupid before Friday, because right now he is a clear favorite…. What a moron.

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