Throwback Tuesday: 311 – “Beautiful Disaster”

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

In keeping with my music roots, I chose “Beautiful Disaster” by 311 (1997) for this week’s Throwback Tuesday song. This song comes off the Transistor album, which was my first album ever. Before this album I was still rocking the cassette tape-look. This album is, according to Wikipedia, the band’s second-best selling album as it has been certified platinum (One million).

Although this album didn’t have the parental advisory sticker on it, 311’s previous self-titled album did have it, so it was my first interaction with that type of music. I remember my mom bought me this album, so it was kind of like she was condoning that I listen to that parental advisory, bad language type of music. Of course when you were growing up it was the cool thing to have one of these albums, if you had one you were the cool kid on the block.

311 is definitely one of those bands that I’d like to see live in concert. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that they didn’t like their performance. Take a few minutes to listen and feel free to drop us a line or two if you like this song (or hate it)!

311 – “Beautiful Disaster”

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