NBA Cancels First Two Weeks, Orlando Could Be Biggest Loser

On Monday NBA Commissioner David Stern cancelled the first weeks of the upcoming NBA season due to the current lockout. The cancellation includes games scheduled through November 14th, Opening Night would have been the 1st. Here’s what David Stern had to say:

“The gap is so significant that we just can’t bridge it at this time.”

This will be the second shortened season in 13 years under David Stern’s watch. There were rumors going around that Stern could postpone, not cancel, the 1st two weeks of the regular season and those games would be added throughout the rest of the season, but that is no more.

The city of Orlando will ultimately be the biggest loser in the NBA should more games get cancelled. The last lockout lasted until January 6th in 1999 and only 50 games could be saved. Should the lockout continue and more games get cancelled, the city would lose the All-Star game and potentially Dwight Howard. The All-Star game is the league’s biggest night during the regular season, with tons of stars and celebrities coming into town to take in the weekend’s festivities. City officials estimate that the All-Star Game could boost almost $100 million into the local economy.

With the NFL lockout as an example, once a deal is reached the ‘off-season’ will be shortened. Magic GM Otis Smith needed the entire summer as it was to blow up this team, as many believe he will, so a shortened ‘off-season’ will not be in any way beneficial to the team. Otis has had plenty of time to think of his next move, although it’s hard to be precise as the new collective bargaining agreement holds so many question marks. Dwight Howard wanted to be wooed during this next season by the team, and a shortened season will not help that at all.

Take this into consideration, InsideHoops estimates the players just lost $165 million in salaries with the cancellations.

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