A Taylored Review: J. Cole Live at the Beacham

First off, I want to again thank the fine people at 102 JAMZ for hooking it up all night. 102 JAMZ provided the meet and greet with Cole, my guess is about 30-40 people were there. Cole met with us for about an hour, signed whatever fans had with them, took pictures, and answered a quick question if you had one. I’ll get to mine later on. This meet and greet was just the start to an amazing night out with J. Cole.

The original show was set for September 10th but was postponed, Cole’s deejay (DJ Dummy) let the crowd know right off the bat that Cole sprained his ankle playing basketball. There had been rumors that Cole broke his leg, but that was not the case. The opening group went by the name of “Swag Life” and they were horrible. First off, can we stop using this ‘Swag’ phrase? Whenever I hear someone say swag I think of this line Royce Da 5’9″ dropped on Bad Meets Evil’s “The Reunion:”

She said I’m feelin’ your whole swagger and flow, can we hook up? I said, umm, you just used the word swagger, so no, she said.

This group, which consisted of two guys, was kicked off after about 15 minutes. During the entire performance everyone in the crowd, at least around me, was laughing and booing. Now it could have been one of those things where we all just wanted Cole and didn’t care about anyone else or they could have just really been that bad.

DJ Dummy came on and completely ignited the crowd. He started off by setting the record straight on the ankle sprain and also reassured everyone that Cole will not be dropped from Roc Nation. DJ Dummy got the crowd alive and moving, playing the hottest songs out from Jay, Drake, Wayne, to Kanye and Rick Ross. I think the place went the most crazy when he dropped “Ni**as in Paris.” As Will Farrell is sampled as saying in that song, “It get’s the people going!” Everyone in the crowd knew every word to every song he played, everyone was ready for Cole when he finally came from backstage.

I tried during the performance to keep the set list on my phone, but eventually got caught up in the performance. Cole hit the stage right at about 10 and the entire performance lasted about an hour and a half. J. Cole brought the noise and the hype to the Beacham Theatre last Friday in his first concert since dropping “Cole World.” Cole mostly played, by my count, songs off the new album. He started it off with “Dollar and a Dream,” continued with “Cole World,” and then made his way through “A Star is Born” off Blueprint 3 and his verse on Miguel’s “All I Want is You.” I was most impressed with this man’s fan base and the following that he has. By no means do I consider myself a die-hard Cole fan and it showed, everyone knew every word of every song he had.

Of course everyone had their ‘diamonds in the air,’ during the performance. The hype behind this man is for real, everything you hear about him is legit. He delivered a show, I strongly suggest that everyone check out his show. I love attending concerts, although this was only my second rap show, I love going out and seeing a great performance. I think a great performance happens when the artist/band plays exceptionally well, when they keep the crowd involved and keeps everyone upbeat and positive. Cole did all those things, he got on a personal level with each and everyone in that crowd. Once Cole came out to the screaming fans you could just sense how thankful he was and he genuinely seemed grateful for every one of his fans. Fans can tell when artists and bands aren’t being genuine with them, I don’t think one person walked out of that place with a negative thing to say about Cole.

As a fan of multiple genres of music, I consider this one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. I love going to concerts not being biggest fan of that particular artist, but leaving as a bigger fan. I went to the Deftones concert back in May having only a couple of songs on my iPod, I now have the entire catalog on there. I still have Cole World on repeat, the album is a must-have. The Source gave it 4 Mics, it’s not a classic but it’s definitely a great record. The album was projected at 250,000 sold in its first week, hell it sold 115,000 first day. The numbers should be in sometime in the next couple days, so keep an eye on that. Cole World will give Roc Nation its first Number 1 Album.

Cole would run through a couple more songs off the new album, while mixing in a few older tracks off a couple of mixtapes. I wanted to hear “Problems” which would later be changed to “Leave Me Alone” and would feature Kevin Cossom singing the hook, but I still enjoyed the set. Cole played with a boot on his foot, it didn’t seem to slow him down at all. Cole ended the show with “Farewell” and spent nearly ten minutes giving fans in the crowd a shout out by a hat they were wearing, a sign they were holding, a shirt they had on, or a good-looking girl.

After Friday night I consider myself an even bigger fan, having the chance to meet him definitely helped that out. As for that question I had, I asked him if he would ever consider working on a track with Lupe Fiasco, he responded: “Lupe? Oh, most definitely.” For those that don’t know, Lupe is my favorite rapper and I would thoroughly enjoy a Lupe x Cole song. Cole is about take top spot on the Charts, “So clap for him, then applaud Hov.”

*Check back with Thoughts of a Jeanius on Friday, we will have details on how you can win a signed copy of “Cole World” and an 8×10 picture of Cole*

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