Taylor Swift Boosting Her Street Cred

Taylor Swift is currently on her Speak Now Tour, to support her album of the same name. Along the way she has has some surprise guest coming out and performing with her, and a lot of them have been boosting her street cred. Maybe she is preparing for her eventual Grammy showdown with Kanye West next February.

At the Staples Center in LA she brought out Nicki Minaj and they performed her sit single “Super Bass”

She did two back to back shows in Atlanta on the first night she brought out Usher and performed his classic “Yeah.”

(SN: Why is she wearing the same dress in both these videos?)

Finally, last night she brought out recently released from a halfway house, T.I. as they preformed his hit “Live Your Life.”

She also sent this tweet w/ a twitpic about some of the artists who were backstage at her Atlanta show:

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  1. @the Usher video: JUNGLE FEVER! To be honest though, if she wants to boost her street cred, she could start with learning some dance moves (triple-d needs to teach her how to dougie)

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