Thoughts Of A Jeanius Top 5: Radio Songs

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It’s been about a month so I’m back at it with my Top 5 songs that are currently being played on the radio. Miguel has finally been dethroned, and if you pay attention to the Thoughts of a Jeanius Facebook page or my Twitter you should already know what the new #1 is. Let’s get a few shout outs in before we get to the Top 5.

  • It;s about time Sean Paul had another hit, I was beginning to think he lost it. “Got 2 Luv You,” (ft Alexis Jordan) is a pretty good song. The video was released this week, expect to see this one move up pretty soon!
  • Drake and Lil Wayne released a song that wasn’t instantly played out so I can actually tolerate it, by the time I do the next Top 5 it probably will be so don’t expect it in the Top 5 anytime soon LOL.
  • Kanye West/Jay Z’s “N***** In Paris,” which I’m not sure if it’s even a single is the jam, (called “Ball So Hard” for radio). I’m not sure if it’s an actual single so that why it’s getting honorable mention.

#5. Alexandra Stan – “Mr. Saxobeat”  (NR)

I thought this was Rihanna when I first heard it, which is weird considering I’m not a fan of her music. Then I found out it was Romanian singer Alexandra Stan, and it all made sense. This is her first single to make it to the U.S., and with the big time house/pop explosion she definitely chose the right type of song at the right time!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

#4. Miguel – “Sure Thing” (1)

Mr. Miguel held the top spot in the previous two Top 5’s but he has been dethroned, i still love this song and listen to it whenever it’s on, but this song has been out for a while so I felt as though it was time for him to give up the top spot. Doesn’t mean we still can’t jam to some real R&B music, which is a breath of fresh air on radio.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

#3.  One Republic – “Good Life” (3)

Like I said last week, I could see this song becoming like Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister,” in that it could be everywhere very soon. I also think this song will get some love when Grammy nominations are handed out, it’s feel good music, from artists who many thought would be one-hit wonders.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

#2. Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera – “Moves Like Jagger” (NR)

The current #! song in the country. When I first heard this song on The Voice I wasn’t a fan, but I reserved the right to change my mind when I heard the actual song as opposed to the live version. It took a little bit, but this song has definitely grown on me. It’s a different sound from Maroon 5, and I might actually buy their CD when it comes out, which I didn’t do other than their Songs About Jane, album. I usually can tell by an artists single whether I would like their album or not. I downloaded the others and didn’t, so hopefully they let me down.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

#1. David Guetta ft. Usher – “Without You” (NR)

What can I say about this song, if you read my review of David Guetta’s Nothing But The Beat, album you knew that this was my favorite song on the album, and I instantly knew it would be a hit, and thus far it’s proving me right. In it’s second week of release it was Top 25 on the Hot 100. and now, it’s third week, is already Top 15. There is no way this song doesn’t hit #1, and how could it not, classic Usher lyrics and vocals over a beat that’s not too overpowering. Like I’ve said already this is the type of music that’s popular at the moment. Don’t expect this song to lose this spot for a little while, unless I play it out too much over the next few weeks/months.

(*numbers in parenthesis are previous ranking)

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